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We Bought a New Boat | DeepV31 | Reelax'n

Two years ago if you’d asked me what a DeepV31 was, I’d would have a vague idea. Now I know the sizes, the options, all inclusion, engine brand and a few hundred other things I have to admit, because we’ve just bought one.  We sold our previous boat a few months ago and I knew it was only a matter of time before it would be replaced. Boy can’t be without boat.


Trent rang best buddy Craig and said ‘mate’…’want to drive the boat from Sydney to Brisbane’, ‘sure when do we leave’. Seriously just like that Craig begged for some leave and flew to Sydney for the maiden vojoyed. Better him than me, I’d rather stick a need in my eye than drive a boat from NSW to QLD.  Give me the calm tranquil waters tucked in behind a reef in the Fiji islands any day of the week.


A naming ceremony, many funny what’s app messages and  46 hours later they arrived. When they started their journey I was still in Fiji, by the time they arrived I’d flown to Brisbane and driven to the Sunshine Coast to greet them.