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{Surfs Up} Surfing in Fiji | Reelax'n

Boats in Fiji can be like having a 4wd drive in another countries. Having a boat means we get the opportunity to visit locations in the Fiji islands that are pretty remote; this break is on a reef accessible only by boat.


In the past few weeks Cloud Break in Fiji has been going off. Surfing in Fiji at some of these locations is not for the faint of heart. ¬†There are times the surfs living here bow out and leave it to the professionals. It’s incredible to leave in a location where we hear of world famous surfers flying in on private jets to go surfing for a week cause they heard the surf was pumping.

The pictures in this blog post are a small day and the waves are still double over head.


We were headed out for a social day on the boat when we heard the surf was pumping and went to check it out on the way.


I surprised myself with some of these shots given I was standing on the flybridge, rocking’ and rolling with the swell. My stomach can only take some much, lucky for me it was long sweeping swell and no chop.

I’m thinking a bigger lens could be the go. Hint, hint.


This week sees the Fiji Women’s Pro¬†rocks into town. Reelax’n is going to head out with a group of super keen spectators to cheer them on.


Hopefully on Monday night or Tuesday I’ll be able to share some pics from this world class ladies surfing event.


Let’s cross our fingers the Fiji weather gods have got things sorted for awesome surf in the coming week.