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What to use to schedule Instagram posts? Hootsuite v Schedugram

For the past 6 months I’ve been testing a couple of Instagram scheduling programs with the idea of streamlining my work. I know there are quite a few planning tools on the market now, today I’m going to chat to you about Schedugram and Hootsuite.

I manage over half a dozen Instagram accounts, some for clients and two of my own and at times I feel like I’ve got multiple personality disorder.

Logging in and out of various accounts multiple times a day was enough to drive me to distraction. There had to be a better way to manage posting to multiple accounts at the optimal times.

I love that Instagram, like other social media, is all about reality and our photos are certainly very real, they are just organised real. Some of the photos are taken in the morning and scheduled for the afternoon at an optimal posting time. Others relate to a particular blog post and are scheduled in advance. Some accounts are scheduled for once a day and other photos are posted as events happen live.  It really depends on the account and the strategy being employed.

So what’s the best solution to schedule Instagram posts?

Initially I trialled Schedugram, currently the only program on the market to automatically post to Instagram. There was the occasional hiccup, where for whatever reason the post didn’t work.  When this happened the user is sent an email so at least I knew to take action. It’s important to note there are risks with Schedugram. Officially auto posting to Instagram is a breach of their posting guidelines and some big account holders have had their accounts closed by Instagram.

Schedugram also comes at a price, it’s $20 USD per month, which when compared to other programs is nearly double or more.

It did save my sanity, I could stay mostly logged into one Instagram account on my phone and search for the other accounts to take a peak at the likes and comments for the day. If needed then I would log out of the current account and into another to comment, saving at least half or more in terms of the number of times I needed to change accounts. It also meant when we’re having a day off on the boat I didn’t need to be attached to me phone for part of the day.

Then come along Hootsuite scheduling. I thought it would have the same functionality as Schedugram, turns out it doesn’t. Hootsuite allows the user to schedule the post but requires manual intervention to do the actual post. Initially I thought this would be a massive downside but as it turns out I prefer it and here’s why.

When I was scheduling Instagram posts automatically from Schedugram I became too detached from the accounts and from interacting with the followers. It was fantastic in terms of efficiency but not so great for the main reason we all sign up to Instagram in the first place.

Hootsuite on the other hand, is the perfect happy medium for me.  It let’s me get organised and do a pile of posts in advance but keeps me in contact with all my accounts enough that I feel connected.

Not One Fit For All

I don’t think it’s necessary to have all accounts using the same tool. For some users Schedugram may be the best fit. I already had a professional Hootsuite account for other social media posting so there was no additional cost. I run all my clients and my social media via Hootsuite for $10 USD per month and can view everything on one location.  Hootsuite has an added benefit of being able to post to multiple social media channels from one program.

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