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Periscope the world's newest social media platform | Reelax'n

Periscope recently popped up on the social media scene so last weekend I thought I would get it a whirl and see what all the fuss was about. Periscope is a live-streaming video app. It’s a video that goes live to your followers as soon as you hit record. Followers receive a notification saying your online and are giving the opportunity to check out you. Yep it’s live – immediate – no editing here. Periscope comes from the team at Twitter, just in case you were wondering. They’ve made creating an account super simple, it uses your Twitter account log in details.

So what’s in it for me, I hear you ask?

My tips from using Periscope so far:

For Periscope Users

  • Show some love, like things you love, it will show the bloggers, businesses and individuals streaming what you love.
  • Ask a question.

For Bloggers & Business Owners

  • Keep your background in mind. Unlike creating a YouTube video, the camera defaults to facing out (you videoing somebody else). By tapping on the top right of the screen the camera flips, just like your standard camera function for taking a selfie. Either way it’s probably best not to have your washing pile sitting in the background.
  • Your audience can hear you but you can’t hear them.
  • You audience can write you messages while the live-streaming, do you best to reply to them. Interaction is the key.
  • Keep your camera steady, slow movement is the best. Making you audience feel sick isn’t probably the best idea.
  • Keep it short and remember not everything is Periscope worthy. Good, funny, smart is the key!

Ideas for Bloggers & Business Owners Using Periscope

  1. INTRODUCE – Start by introducing yourself, many of your followers will never have seen you or heard your voice.
  2. Q & A – This is one of the easiest things to go, introduce yourself, then open the floor for questions.
  3. SHOW – Show your audience what you normally do or write about, LIVE! Think, recipe, travel location, yoga, exercise, DIY.
  4. INTERVIEW – Interview an expert in your field.
  5. LAUGH – No literally, this is new – give it a try, have a giggle. It’s new for your followers too, work it out together as you go along. Let you audience get to know you.