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How Not To Pack by Somebody Who Should Know Better | Reelax'n
For a highly organized person who’s lived in four countries I had a shocker!
  • Start packing early; this works for some people and not for others. I’m this person, the bag sits on the floor for a least a week.
  • Channel your inner Nicki or Sonia when selecting your wardrobe. Like I did.
  • Try in your clothes and shoes particularly if you’re traveling from a different climate.  Like I didn’t.
  • Get plenty of sleep before traveling, it’s going to be a big few days. Like I didn’t.
  • Don’t finish packing at the last minute. Like I did.
  • Don’t finish your packing hungover. Like I did.
  • Don’t forget your noise canceling headphones to make the journey to and from that bit more peaceful. Like I did.
  • Don’t forget other 6 things and need your husband to bring them. Like I did.
I left from Fiji last …… to spend a week on the Sunshine Coast before Problogger, thank goodness I’m meeting my husband here for a couple of days so he can bring me all the left behind items.
I did get a few things right.
  • Grab a power pack for phone and computer charging at the conference, I have it on good authority this is the one number must have item. Like I did.
  • Pack plenty of business cards. Like I did.
  • Don’t forget your sparkly number for Friday night. Got that one covered.
I hope you packing goes better than mine and know it’s not all about fancy gadgets, business cards and outfits, for me at least it’s all about making new and genuine connections and learning a few new things along the way. See you there