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FOOD FOR FIJI: We're locked and loaded! - Reelaxn

What an incredible team effort! With a whole pile of organising and lots of muscles this is what can be achieved in one afternoon by the Food for Fiji volunteers.

This is what over $43,000 FJD of food, supplies & other donated goods looks like.
TOTAL RAISED SO FAR: $40,355 AUD / $61,800 FJD

IMG_2649IMG_2654IMG_2655IMG_2658IMG_2659 - croppedIMG_2666IMG_2674IMG_2676IMG_2686There will be more loads in the next few weeks, now the immediate food shortage is solved, we’re liaising with each village to assess their needs and will purchase some larger items accordingly. We are ensuring all 8 villages receive a propionate equal share. Naviti Primary and High School have also been included.

10,000 kg of FOOD
(incl: rice, flour, tinned fish, sugar, carrots, pumpkins, dry biscuits, tea, tinned corned beef)
$7000 baby formula
$1000 first aid
2 water tanks
1 borrowed long boat
5 hours to load the barge
30 volunteers to assist
A bazillion orders with wholesalers


  • Keane Shipping & Logistics – provide the barge including fuel and captain to Naviti Island Yawasas and back.
  • Rustic Pathways – $10,000 products also loaded on boat
  • Vinaka Fiji – added one 5300L water tank to barge
  • Vunabaka – provided slipway, equipment and their guys volunteered to help load the barge
  • Flametree – staff volunteered to assist loading
  • Fiji Airways Pilots – volunteered to load on their day off
  • Mantaray Island Resort – provided all the logistics for ordering and placed those bazillion orders – Tina you rock!

I’ll keep you updated on our next load of purchases and we will continue to allocate funds as long as you continue to provide them.

Food for Fiji

On our way Naviti Island Yasawas Fiji. Landed at Soso Village.

Drone footage: Blair Monk