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Looking for new and exciting family photo ideas? - Reelaxn

Until recently I’d never heard of having a family photo shoot while on holidays. What a fantastic idea!

  • Everybody is relaxed and happy.
  • The location is likely to be awesome.
  • And, you’ll have a lasting memory from your holiday. Win win all round.

So when I saw the opportunity to have photos taken I jumped at the chance. Our situation was a little different, we’re not on holidays as you know we live in Fiji. Who would pass up the opportunity to create this memory of our time living here, especially seeing it’ s been 12 years since we’ve had professional photos taken and we live close by to this stunning back drop.

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Is you’re thinking about having family photos taken in Fiji, here’s my top XX tips to consider to get the best from your photo shoot.

Preparation is key, don’t just rock up. In your case, you’re likely to need to start this preparation at home before you fly to Fiji.

  1. Location for Photos

Do some research online and jump onto some of the Facebook groups and forums to scout for awesome locations. And, then be guided by your photographer. They know the best spots. I couldn’t be happier with Natadola Beach.

2. Select Your Outfits

Jump on Pinterest for some fun family photo ideas to see what types of clothing and colours might suit your family. In my case, Trent was quite clear about wanting to wear his crisp white shirt and I completely agreed. We knew the photo shoot was going to be on the beach so wanted our clothes to reflect the relaxed Fiji style without being too casual.

You don’t have to be too matchy matchy though it helps to have colours that compliment each other. There’s nothing worse than ill matching clothes that clash and leave you thinking, ‘what was I thinking?’

Your selection will also depend on what’s in your wardrobe.  In my case, some of my lovely dresses are two layers with some element of shear fabric which wasn’t going to work well for photos.  I also have some really nice maxi dresses which look great but were usually worn with heals and had the potential to make me look short beside Trent – so they were out.

The only thing I wish I’d done before that I didn’t, was to take a photo wearing the outfits prior to your holiday to see what they look like. I also took a second outfit (a dress) and had some photos taken in it, just in case. You can see it at the bottom of this blog post, though it turns out my white outfit was much better. I didn’t take a photo of either outfit prior and perhaps would have changed my choice if I did.

I was a little concerned about wearing shorts wanting to be feminine and girly. But I think you’ll agree this outfit worked pretty well and as my Mum said we even complimented our dog!


FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0128 REELAXN

3. Hair

I did my hair myself but used my hair spray than I have in the past 5 years in total. It was a windy afternoon and without the spray my thin hair would have been even more fly away than it was.

I even used a small amount of hair spray (carefully applied) on Jet our dog, his moustache hair was flying up and obstructing his face. Having literally taken thousands of photos of him I knew this problem was going to continue all afternoon so a little bit of hair spray did the trick.

4. Make Up

Prior to living in Fiji I would never have considered getting make up done for family photos, Fiji is entirely different kettle of fish. Even though these photos were taken in August, it’s warm and a little humid year round here. We had an hour to travel to Natadola Beach and I didn’t want my make up to melt off before the first photo was even taken. After having my make up done the the iAllure photo shoot I knew having it done professionally with their special setting spray was the answer.

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5. A Little Bag of Tricks

On the day I suggest taking a bag of bits and pieces.

  • Spare clothes
  • Towel
  • Lip stick
  • Hair spray and brush
  • Drink of water
  • Snacks
  • In our case, dog lead and treats.

6. An Extra Person

Having our dog included in our photo shoot and wanting some photos meant we took our friend Eta with us so she could supervise Jet while Trent and I had some photos without him.  I needed somebody that knew him and that I trusted to keep control him because the water would have proved way to inviting. One swim and photos with Jet would have been done.

It’s the same if you have children, having somebody there they know and are comfortable with will make the photo shoot so much easier. Eta also assisted when the three of us were having a photo and needed him to look at the camera and not us. If grandma is holidaying with you, take her along and things are likely to run far more smoothly.

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FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0163 REELAXN

I’d thoroughly recommend having family photos taken while on holidays and loved the results, Rusila from Leezet Photography did a fantastic job.



FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0225 myoodle REELAXN

This little cutie made my afternoon, she loved Jet and was so keen to have her photo taken and then wanted to see the back of the camera. Bless!

{Photography session and photos were gifted}