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CYCLONE WINSTON: Want to know how to help Fiji?


GoFundMe >> Food for Fiji

Many of you have asked how to help – here’s the answer.

The Fijian villages in the Yasawa Islands (north west of Nadi) have been hit badly by tropical cyclone Winston and currently DON’T HAVE FOOD.


IMG_5924-800pxIMG_2496-800pxIMG_5925-800pxIMG_6424-800pxIMG_6383-800pxIMG_2547-800pxResorts in the area have given what they can and it’s literally not enough to feed everybody. Some villages don’t have resorts on their land and are more isolated than others.

Damage to these villages is extensive, 40 houses in one village alone have been destroyed with damage to 90% of all houses.

The Fijian Government and Red Cross will provide assistance eventually but have an enormous job ahead of them so it could take a while.

So while we’re waiting for help to arrive we’re going to use our networks of contacts on the ground in Nadi Fiji to send as much non-perishable food to the island villages as we can.

We have the local knowledge and contacts but we need your help.

What we need is cash. $2 $10 $50 $100 $200 $500

We can arrange everything in Fiji and just need the funds to do so.

The first small package of relief food has already been sent, the next larger load will be sent by Wednesday 24th.

Please donate NOW, don’t delay >> FOOD FOR FIJI

We will continue to provide relief food as long as funds continue to be donated. In the event the Fiji Red Cross arrive in the area, any remaining funds will be donated directly to them.

You can be assured 100% of funds raised (after the small gofundme fee) will go directly to those in need.

Fiji is now our home and it feels like a wrecking ball has literally smashed through the front door. In true Fiji spirit we are not going to let it beat us, together with the Fijians we are #strongerthanwinston

Myself and other Aussie expats behind this gofundme project have been lucky and all have houses that are standing and food to eat. Please help us to help others who have been less fortunate. Please SHARE this post to spread the word.

Vinaka for your support, together we can make a difference.