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The Round Up From Fiji's 2016 Tuna Levu Classic - Reelaxn

The Denarau Game and Sport Fishing Club saw its biggest ever turnout on the weekend for their first major competition of the year, the 2016 Tuna Levu Classic.  A total of 16 boats and 60 anglers signed up, including 8 women and 3 juniors.

The weather was awesome, picture perfect on both days, one of which I have the pleasure of seeing even though it meant a 4:30am get up….and I wasn’t even fishing!

Witch Doctor, Reel Game, Makaria, Rum Runner and World-Cat were all first time Denarau Game and Sport Fishing Club entrants. Freelance and Golden Eagle were welcomed back into giving the other boats in the fleet a run for their money.

Being a Tuna fishing comp means a Tuna is going to win the comp.

Snake (with his good mate, the Butcher) off Hoodlum weighed in the heaviest Tuna on Saturday 35.8Kg.

Yellowfin Tuna | Reelax'n

Cheryl off Makaira weighing in two good Mahi-Mahi.


Thakor (Junior) also on Makaria weighed in a 6.8Kg Mahi-Mahi.

Immy,  a new junior off Golden Eagle weighed in a couple of Mahi-Mahi.

Mahi Mahi | Reelax'n

Jack (the youngest junior) off Reel Game is dead keen to get back out there after picking the right lure, only for it to be bitten off by what he described as a big one! Dad (Sam Daw) boated 15.9Kg Wahoo.

DGSFC 2016 Tuna Levu Classic | Game Fishing | Reelax'n

On day two Jack was back out there, despite throwing up for much of Saturday, he went all day without a bite till just before cease fishing when he hooked up – only to be sharked before landing it. Lucky there’s always next time Jack.

DGSFC 2016 Tuna Levu

Boys off Tainui got a triple strike and really wished Bruce was on board, he was on World Cat helping Jeff land a couple of Mahi Mahi and sadly watched Chloe drop a nice size Tuna at the boat.

Zoheb (off Golden Eagle) T&R a Sailfish on 24Kg line as well as landing a couple more Mahi Mahi.

Day Two saw Freelancer spring into the lead in the late afternoon with this decent sized 55.6kg Tuna.

DGSFC 2016 Tuna Levu Classic | Yellowfin Tuna | Reelax'n


Ben off Reelax’n landed a nice 29.1KG Wahoo, some of which is now in my belly and the rest is in my freezer. Yum!

DGSFC 2016 Tuna Levu Classic | Wahoo | Reelax'n

The boys off Blo caught a 71.9kg Marlin who very unfortunately didn’t make it after being swum for over half an hour.  Weighing a Marlin is very rare as the Denarau Game and Sport Fishing Club is a catch and release club. Be assured nothing goes to waste in Fiji.

Marlin | Game Fishing in Fiji | Reelax'n

Jill caught her first ever Mahi Mahi and I think the smile says it all really.

These are a selection of the fish caught over the weekend, there were also a pile of other Mahi Mahi caught.

Mahi Mahi | Game Fishing Fiji | Reelax'n

Freelancer won the major prize with their 55.6kg Tuna catch of the weekend. Well done boys!

DGSFC 2016 Tuna Levu Tuna | Champions | Reelax'n